Move over, Vampires! Zombies are the new "it" monsters.

At this point, most people are referring to the end of days as the zombie apocalypse. Of course, I don't think most of us actually believe that there is a virus that can bring the dead back to life as flesh-eating psychos that can pass said virus with a bite or scratch to exposed skin. In my opinion, it's a metaphor for the end of civilization as we know it. But let's just say for fun, there IS such a virus and there ARE such a thing as zombies. What would we do if there was an outbreak? How would we survive?

With movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead and books like The Zombie Survival Guide, everyone has thought about the "what ifs" of a zombie outbreak. Really...when it comes to "horrific nightmarish monsters," zombies are kind of the most realistic. I mean, a virus that morphs a person's brain into an animalistic-must-eat-raw-flesh survivalist isn't THAT far out there, right? Biological warfare is actually a real thing. And even in just the past couple of years, our news channels have been riddled with potential virus outbreaks: the Great Ebola Outbreak of 2015, anyone?

Re-Kill is a mockumentary-style film that dares to answer the question: "What would actually happen if there really was an outbreak?" Filmed as live-news broadcast, a reporter goes "behind enemy lines" with a military outfit called R-Division to try and regain control in zombie-infiltrated cities. Massively out-numbered, the group is trying their best to stop a potential second outbreak that is threatening to end our population. The broadcast is complete with commercial breaks promoting sex as a necessity to re-populate, guns to protect your children and smoking because, hey! why not? You're more likely to die of a zombie attack before cancer can even come close to touching your lungs. It really is like watching a post-apocalyptic news broadcast. Tons of action and a little bit of humor mixed in as you enter the hypothetical land of zombie take-over.

header-rekillPersonally, I love zombie movies. I'm not a fan of horror. In fact, I'm easily scared and prone to nightmares. I'm the girl that turns the channel when even a commercial for a horror movie comes on...even a 45-second commercial will make me scared to the point of nightmares. Because of this, I have found a huge appreciation for zombies. For some reason, they don't scare me. In fact, I think they are funny. My break-through zombie film was Zombieland. An action comedy starring Woody Harrelson. It was hilarious and it made the concept of zombies hilarious as well. So, when I saw Re-Kill on the Thin Line list, I thought, "I have GOT to see this!"

Complete with zombie gore, explosions and "real-life" attack footage, Re-Kill takes zombie movies to the next level. The "what if it really did happen?" level. How would our government react and what would YOU do to survive? Don't worry, I've got my Zombie Survival Plan. Do you have yours?

Rated R by the MPAA for bloody violence throughout, language and some sexual material and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Re-Kill runs 88 minutes and will be shown Saturday, February 20 at 11 p.m. as part of Thin Line Film Festival. To purchase tickets at the online box office, click here.