To Be a Poet

Dear Dad, Nine years of illiteracy and now I can finally write to you

Thin Line Fest short To Be a Poet opens with Abe Nouk taking the stage to read his poetry and share his story.

But would you believe it? I’m on a stage right now. Others would not understand the depth of how much of an accomplishment this is.

He came to Australia as a Sudanese refugee unable to read or write English. Nine years ago when we first arrived in Australia, I could only say “yes” and “no” And I even got the two mixed up most of the time.

Fast forward to today. Abe is now an award-winning poet, however that’s a title he does not yet feel is his own.

Believe it or not I’m not a poet yet.

I won’t spoil the whole documentary for you. Hearing Abe’s story was moving, and I love hearing it in the artistry that is the spoken word of poetry. I have always enjoyed writing poetry and haiku, so I really appreciated this documentary. I highly recommend you carve a little time out of your Friday evening to check out the To Be a Poet's U.S. premier at Thin Line Fest’s Shorts Compilation #2 at Campus Theatre February 20 at 5 p.m. To Be a Poet will be paired with Brian’s Dots, Elgin Park, the Bottom Rung and The Curse and the Symphony.