I’ve always loved to take pictures.  My first camera was a Kodak Brownie and I leaned more toward the paparazzi approach back then.  My goal was to catch my older sister with curlers in her hair, no makeup, or some other equally embarrassing photo that I could blackmail her with at a later date.  I like to think I’ve come a long way, artistically, since I was seven years old.

The addition of photography to Thin Line Film Fest this year has been very well received.  Having the galleries free to the public expose a larger number of people to the art of photography and raise awareness of the film festival.  It’s a win-win.

thin line photo installation by Ed Steele Thin Line photo installation at Banter by Ed Steele

Denton photographer, Ed Steele, coordinated this year’s entries, which came in from all over the globe. One unusual category is “light painting.” Light painting is created by a photographer setting up the camera to take a long exposure shot, then using a light source (LED Lights, flame) to draw a pattern or outline in the shot.  The camera picks up the light, resulting in an unusual photo illustration.

This year’s submissions fall into these categories:  What Compels Us; Natural Beauty; It’s About People; and There’s a Thin Line.  Subcategories can be found at  http://www.thinlinefilmfest.com/index.php/program/photo

Free photography galleries, located in downtown, are at Cultivar Coffee Bar/Hypnotic Donuts (235 W. Hickory) , Banter Bistro (219 W. Oak), Mulberry Street Cantina (110 W. Mulberry), the Denton County Courthouse Museum (110 W, Hickory) and East Side Social Club (113 E. Hickory).  Golden Triangle Mall (I-35 at Loop 288) also has a 60’ wall installation.

For all you budding photographers, there’s also an Instagram photo contest going on.  The categories are Street Photography and Selfies.  Use #thinlinefest to enter.

Thin Line Film Fest runs through Sunday. For more information, visit http://www.thinlinefilmfest.com/


Feature image by Michal Garcia