Thin Line Film Festival is an integral part of the canvas of Denton. One thing that makes Thin Line so special is that it features international, regional and local documentaries. Midlake: Live in Denton, TX fits in the latter category and fits well.

Midlake at Dan's Silverleaf.  Image courtesy Jason Lee. Midlake at Dan's Silverleaf. Image courtesy Jason Lee.

The film is essentially a concert film, a genre I am usually not a fan of, but I was mesmerized by this one. Even though I am a hardcore Dentonite and friends with a band member or two, before seeing this film, I was a Midlake virgin. I don't know how that didn't happen, but I am now not proud of that fact.

The film begins with a Midlake warm-up-backed burst of iconic Denton scenes. The virtual tour of our amazing town continues interspersed throughout the documentary. Places we see daily seem almost foreign when seen on the big screen, yet are oh so familiar. The film features a Midlake concert at Denton's house venue, Dan's Silverleaf. The music of Midlake is amazingly intricate, tight, refreshingly original and hauntingly beautiful.

Two minutes into the film, I became a fan.

If this film was not centered in the town I love so much and showcasing friends if mine, I'd still be fascinated by the interweaving of incredible music and scenes of an amazing small town. Normally, the music in a film is simply the soundtrack to the visual. In this case, the visuals of Denton take a backseat role to the wonderful music of Midlake.

It's a perfect mesh.

Shots of backyard band parties, pre/post-show scenes, and the onstage banter of Midlake front-man, Eric Pulido with the audience.....his friends, just adds to the intimacy of this hometown film. A voice I take for granted in frequent conversations transforms to silk while singing......again, I am now a Midlake fan.

While writing this blog, I was able to discuss the film with its producer, Jason Lee. Jason first met Midlake at Austin's SxSW in 2004, and has continued a "very special" relationship with the band for the past 11 years. Jason liked the idea of doing a full-length concert film, and of doing it in combination with showing the "band's world".......Denton, a town he claims to love. How could he not?

The fruit of his idea is a success!

Midlake: Live in Denton, TX is a pleasure to the ears with a familiar backdrop. You have to love a film that thanks a town in the closing credits, but then again, how could it not?

Midlake is Denton.

Hopefully you will see many of the films of Thin Line, but no matter what, THIS is a film you should not miss...