Tonight. TONIGHT! It has finally arrived...opening night of the Thin Line Film Fest. I've got my vacay time approved, bags are packed and loaded; I am Denton bound the second the clock strikes 5:00pm! 4 straight days of films, photography and MUSIC....and ohhhh the music!

I am a self-admitted music fiend. I always have music playing and if not on a's going in my head. And I sing/hum out loud at my desk during the day inadvertently song bombing my desk neighbors. Yes. I'm that person. I'm just a jammer. When I'm driving, I jam. When I'm at work, I jam. Cleaning...jam. Sittin' poolside...jam. Music is a huge part of my life. So, when choosing my Thin Line films, Midlake's music documentary was at the top of my list.

I know Midlake. Not personally...but musically. Being a HUGE fan of all things Denton, Midlake has been in my iTunes library for years. So, when I found out that Jason Lee (from Almost Famous and My Name is Earl) was directing and producing their new documentary...What? Sign me up! But wait....there's more. The film is the festival opener tonight. But wait...there's MORE!! Jason and the band will be at the screening and will be participating in a Q&A after the film...tonight! BUT WAIT...OMG THERE'S STILL MORE!! There's an after-party at Dan's Silverleaf where the documentary was filmed with yet another of Denton's amazing bands, Seryn.

*Pause for an epic slow clap*

I can't imagine a better way to kick this thing off.

So, when I started watching Midlake: Live in Denton, TX, I was expecting your typical run-of-the-mill Katy Perry type documentary. You know, here's the band eating at 3:00am after a gig. Here's the band talking about how their fans are everything. Here they are talking about that new song that people like so much. Here's the band on their last tour being silly backstage at an unknown venue doing some kind of huddle scrud ritual. Not that kind of film. They focus heavily on the music, a refreshing change. In fact, they focus so heavily on Midlake's music, the entire 88 minute film is a live concert shot at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton. Their full set, complete with witty banter from front man, Eric Pulido and gorgeously haunting tunes from their newest album. My favorite part of the film is the b-roll scenes from around Denton that are placed throughout the concert giving it that real hometown vibe. And since this is Midlake's hometown, these shots give an emotional and nostalgic aspect to not only their film, but also their music.

I'm honored and beyond excited to be a part of Thin Line Film Fest this year and I can't wait to experience this particular film live. You guys think Jason Lee will give me a high five? Maybe a hug? Probably not. Ok. I promise I will keep my inner fan-girl under control.

Get your bums down to Campus Theater tonight at 7:30, and let's get this thang goin'!

See ya thurrr, folks!