I'm sitting in a Denton coffee house, Banter. It's mid-day Friday afternoon and all is quiet on the square. The first film is at 3:00pm, one my festival faves, Poverty, Inc. and I'm just killin' some time before heading back to Campus Theater. Looking around Banter at the photographs hanging on the walls, Thin Line Fest exhibits, I think "I really love this town".

I've spent the last 2 days watching documentaries. Previewed "Culture High" (so, so, so good...screening Saturdaynight at midnight) and I watched "Camp 72" at the theater yesterday afternoon. It's been a rather slow 2 days which is good, I guess. I haven't been feeling my 100%. But I know the things will pick up tonight. So, I'm here chuggin' green tea.

I drove up Wednesday evening after work. I was late. I didn't make it to the theater in time before they started turning people away. The opening show, Midlake: Live in Denton, TX was not only sold out...it was oversold. I ran over to the theater to get Boyfriend's wristband where a colleague was holding it for me. I was escorted into the theater just minutes before the film started. People were practically sitting on top of eachother. The balcony was stuffed with press. "Geez", I thought. "Everyone is here, I wish I wasn't missing out on this!" I grabbed the wristband and left.

Since we didn't make the film, we walked across the street for some burgers at LSA so Boyfriend could get a taste of some local flavor. After dinner, we scooted on over to Dan's and snagged a table...and posted up for the after party. Boxcar Bandits were on the bill for opening night entertainment. I'll be honest, I'd never heard the Denton based band before Thin Line, and I'd been living life thinking Seryn was the festival opener. Not to mention, at this point, I was a bit cranky since I'd been late and missed half the event. But, Boxcar Bandits did not disappoint! Their folky, bluegrass tunes were addictive and uplifting. Every person in the room wore a giant grin. The atmosphere was so festive...I really couldn't help myself - my mood shifted and I had a blast! 

jen pic

Highlight of the night, Eric Pulido of Midlake took the stage with Boxcar Bandits to jam one of 'Merica's all time faves "Take a load off Fanny". Jason Lee also surprised the crowd when he took the stage to pic a tune with the Bandits. Cue the iPhones and cameras! But really, it's just a group of guys jammin' and having a good ol' time, like it was completely normal. And in Denton, a city where not normal is completely normal...it's just another Wednesday night jam sesh.

I may have missed the film, but my experience turned out to be so much better than expected.

"Feels like home", Boyfriend said sitting in Dan's that night. And isn't that just why we all love Denton? No matter where we come from....Denton feels like home. Thin Line Fest Day Three and my main take-away so far...I just really freaking love Denton, Texas.

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