Juke box, delicious food, milkshakes, and root beer. All of these things are a quick drive away from the square at local Denton hang out, “Mr. Frosty’s.”  At night the neon sign lights up Fort Worth drive and during the day the building lights up with character.

When you walk into this 61 year old establishment, you are transported to the “good ol’ days”. Complete with a juke box in the corner playing music, booths for you to sit at, and a menu for you to indulge in. As well as people working who seem to know everyone’s name and have orders memorized for all the regulars.IMG_4101 edited

After reading the menu and going back and forth on all of the delicious options I decided on the hickory burger, with a chocolate milk shake. After a brief wait, the food was out and we were on our way to burger bliss.

The food was amazing, and the milkshake was the perfect consistency. Don’t be fooled and think they only stick to the classic flavors; they can pretty much make any flavor of milkshake you ask. Lucky for me I have a “Frosty’s Connoisseur” in my life who has brought my family and me many milkshakes of all flavors. We have had Strawberry Twinkie, Mocha, the “Black Cow” (made with their homemade root beer) and a classic vanilla with a Texas twist, a Dr. Pepper shake.

No matter what you get, you will love the food, environment, the people and the community that Mr. Frosty’s creates. It’s one of my favorite unique Denton spots; it makes you feel like time is standing still.