After a 10-year hiatus, the group is spreading the Denton gospel.

By Morgan Gentry Denton Live July-Dec 2014

Best known for their timeless 2003 release, No Silver/No Gold, Baptist Generals lured their fans back after a decade-long hiatus with the folksy, raw sounds of Jackleg Devotional to the Heart.

The local group is comprised of Chris Flemmons, Ryan Williams, Paul Slavens, Jeff Ryan, Peter Salisbury and Jason Reimer—but their studio recordings often feature an all-star roster of North Texas musicians.

Lead-singer Chris Flemmons’ versatile, harmonic voice complements the varied melodies of the group’s long-awaited, 12-track album. It’s lyrically safe. But Chris’s distinctive voice and guitar playing style blend perfectly with his poetic lyrics.”

However, the Generals do more than play psychedelic tunes around town.

Flemmons is also the creative genius behind the annual 35 Denton music festival. When he’s not feeling especially “evangelical,” Williams jams with the bluegrass group Box Car Bandits and the metal band Bludded Head. Salisbury broadcasts his own AM radio station, Real Waves 1670 AM, from home. Slavens teaches piano lessons and conducts recitals at Texas Woman’s University, records voice-overs and hosts his own radio show on KXT 91.7. Reimer is only a part-time Dentonite, but you can frequently catch him at the legendary Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff.