Sundown Collaborative Theatre is always looking to try something new, and the second show of their seventh season is no exception. When local Denton actor Kasey Tackett pitched the idea for Said and Done, he had never written a play that had actually been produced. “I had this crazy idea about a show set after the end of everything, where the ideas and ideals that shape how we see reality manifested themselves as characters when there is no longer a reality to shape,” explains Tackett. “I didn’t think they would go for it at first because of how intimidating the concept is. But Sundown believed in me and was willing to work with me to create this show. We all collaborated to make this a reality.”

Another first for Said and Done is its director, Mandy Rausch. “I’ve worked on Sundown shows in the past, and directed some staged readings of short plays,” Rausch says. “But this will be my first time directing a full length production. The script really spoke to me and I’m grateful my directing debut is in the supportive an environment Sundown is known for.”

Workshopping a new script means that the seven performers cast  in the show (including me!) have even more input in the shaping of their characters than in a normal rehearsal process. For the other six actors, it will be their first time working with Sundown.  With so many fresh faces taking on new responsibilities, Said and Done is a production with limitless potential.  Come see it for yourself, December 5-7 and 12-14, 8pm at Green Space Arts Collective in Denton. Call 940-220-9302 or email to reserve seats. Visit for more information on the production or the company itself.