Making this dream come true is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. And just between me and you sometimes it’s not easy to get through. All the days that make me blue, they break me down, still I pursue the only thing I’ve ever known.” -- “Bleeding Heart” from the band “11:40.”

Once a month I select one musician from and give the rest of the world a little behind the scenes peek at who they are or at least what I know anyways. This month I have chosen Zach Scoggins, front man for 11:40. 11:40 is a rock band that delivers more energy and more passion than any band I have ever met. I have yet to find someone that sits through an 11:40 show that doesn't instantly fall in love with them.  OK, maybe a couple of people say that it is too loud, but even they have to admit that the music is still solid!

A few years ago a group of rockers were consistently “jamming” in a garage, but a few of them wanted something more. The group was encouraged to play the Open Mic at Banter Bistro on Thursday nights. That next week the group went to Banter and signed up for the 11:40 time slot. After their first taste of the stage they were hooked. However, the group still needed a name. So, it was suggested that the group call themselves “11:40,” the birth time of their music. Zach Scoggins often says “It’s kind of like naming your kid May 12th.” The band looks completely different since that day, but what has stayed consistent for sure is Zach.

The current climate of music (especially rock and roll) in the “mainstream world” really isn’t saying much these days. The music sounds good, but the content isn't really making much of a point. But something EVERYONE can agree on about Zach is that he is trying to say something. His lyrics are always relevant, personal, and thought provoking. There is a fine line between entertainment and art and it is hard for a musician to walk in both worlds, yet somehow Zach Scoggins always insists on achieving both. With a very authentic and raw voice, a lot of energy, incredible lyrics, and a really cooky mic stand (you’ll know what I mean if you ever see it), I cannot recommend Zach Scoggins more as someone Denton is very proud to call ours!

Zach has earned my respect again and again, on stage and off. You will have a hard time finding someone with more integrity.  Enjoy some music from this month's Spotlight Artist,  Zach Scoggins and 11:40.

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