If you’ve ever sat in front of a computer screen chasing hints offered up by little, shaking, green leaves, this is the documentary for you. Frustrated by dead ends on Ancestry.com, Sharie Vance packs up her aging father (Bobby Faulkner) and takes off on an across the country trek to find information about his grandfather. The ultimate goal is to see if they are related to the famous William Faulkner.

Sharie makes the point early on that when you lose your parents, you lose your link to the past. She wishes she had paid more attention to her mother’s stories, and hopes to find out more from and about her father.

The story begins in Denton, Texas and takes Sharie and Bobby on a road trip to Mississippi. The story will probably make you remember stories from your family as they talk about where rumors of being related to the great writer originated -- “I heard it from Hazel or Johnny…maybe Aunt Mary.” We all have a story about that rich Englishman who married the Irish chamber maid, or maybe a rumor that your family is related to Pocahontas.

Digging through court records and searching laser fiche, Shari is on a mission to find the truth, despite the fact that Bobby seems reluctant to participate. At one point he comments, “This is sure knocking me out of my good TV viewing.” He seems more interested in their varying gas mileage than the quest. Bobby may remind you of your father, uncle or grandfather—someone from a different time who thinks that foolishness shouldn’t be tolerated, but the moral of this story is to take time to listen to your life stories while you still have the chance.

You’ll have to invest eighteen minutes of your time to find out whether or not they’re related to the great William Faulkner.

Finding Faulkner will be playing at Thin Line Fest on Saturday, February 21 at noon at the Campus Theatre.