Denton Crawl SM

Pub crawls are a thing of legend in Denton. You can’t truly call yourself a Dentonite if you’ve never done a proper Fry Street Pub Crawl. In Houston, pub crawls are also quite the huge event. In fact, on February 13, Saint Arnold Brewing Company played host to a pub crawl in the Heights neighborhood in Houston; nearly 1,500 people showed up to take part.

12734025_10154005770023324_3294240618997514975_nThese Saint Arnold Pub Crawls are a ritual for craft beer drinkers, with them stemming back to the early days of Texas’ oldest craft brewery. So why not bring the “world famous” Saint Arnold Pub Crawl to D/FW’s burgeoning craft beer hotspot: Denton? I spent the last six years of my life in the Li’l d and watched the craft beer community explode. Naturally, Li’l d is the perfect spot for a Saint Arnold Pub Crawl. However, this crawl is not on Fry. Instead, we are taking this crawl to the downtown area, where some of Denton’s very best bars and restaurants will be taking part, for the first time ever. We have never had a pub crawl in Denton, and on April 9, it’ll be the first one.

Let’s get this part out of the way quick; this crawl is completely free. I mean, you’ll have to pay for your beers, but the pubs taking 10381993_10152630276128324_5100636785174774647_npart will all have specials on Saint Arnold beer. However, the entry is completely free. All you have to do is show up between 2 and 3 p.m. at Lone Star Taps & Caps to get your punch card, and then head on down to the Square area to hit the three remaining pubs, in any order, from 3 to 6 p.m. Once you’ve done all that, head on over to Harvest House, and get in line. Look for the red Saint Arnold truck and tents—we will be passing out pint glasses there. All you have to do to redeem a glass is give us your completed punch card. We bring a lot of glasses, but we still do have a limited supply so it is a strict one glass per card. And that’s the Saint Arnold Pub Crawl!

Here are some tips I’ve learned over my many, many, many crawls:

  • Get a good meal. There are a lot of great places to eat in downtown Denton for breakfast or lunch, so you have no excuse for crawling on an empty belly. Can’t go wrong with a huge awesome burger from LSA…or if you’re out a little early, brunch at The Chestnut Tree…or tacos from Rusty Taco…now I’m hungry. Maybe grab some food even while crawling at Austin Street Truck Stop (which is even right behind Eastside or right next to Bearded Monk) or Hoochies.
  • Bring cash. It’s just easier than opening/closing tabs at the different pubs.
  • Hang out for a while! You don’t need to run from one pub to the next. A lot of these bars like Oak Street Drafthouse and Eastside have fantastic patios to just hang out on, and enjoy the weather! Because April in Denton usually is beautiful.
  • Be prepared. Hey—while weather in Denton in April is usually beautiful, it can also be rough! So have, you know, your rain gear and all that prepared. Just in case.
  • Start slow. I mean, I kind of sound like a hypocrite here, but you know, going right for the jugular with an Endeavour Double IPA or a Bishop’s Barrel No. 13 probably isn’t the best idea to start with. You’ll get there.
  • Tip! These places will be busy! Tip your bartenders and waiters!
  • Plan how to get there. Parking in downtown Denton can be dicey, especially on a Saturday. So be prepared! Find alternate routes.
  • Most importantly…have a designated driver or ride-share! Uber! Lyft! Designated driver! If you live in downtown…walk! Very important!
  • Hang out after! Especially if you live far away, enjoy all Denton has to offer! There are some great concerts going on Saturday night, I’m definitely going to be hitting up Dan’s Silver Leaf after for the Pageantry album release party.

That’s essentially it, and how it works! Hope to see everyone out there, hope we get some good weather, and can all enjoy some good beer. There will also be T-shirts being printed by Sunday Print Shop at Harvest House at 6, so make sure to grab one! Stop by and say hello—I will be stationed out at my favorite Denton spot, Oak Street Drafthouse!