This weekend, the Square (and other locations around Denton) were full of people who braved the heat (and, on Saturday, storms) in search of many elusive creatures.

Photo Jul 10, 4 38 34 PM I wonder if John Williams caught sight of the Ponyta outside of Oak St Drafthouse.

No, they weren’t looking for Bigfoot or the Chupacabra. Instead, they wanted to find Bulbasaurs, Pidgeys, Squirtles and the elusive Pikachu.

After last week’s release of the incredibly popular mobile app Pokemon Go, local players flooded the streets of Denton, trying to catch ‘em all.

As I made my way around, there was a knowing glance between players, who temporarily looked up from their phones. Eyes met. Phones were jiggled in greeting. One guy ran up to my friend and me at Austin Street Truck Stop, attempting to track an Eevee. After we exchanged pleasantries and found the creature, we parted, briefly united in our quest for this fictional beast.

Want to join us? Here’s some suggestions from my weekend’s Pokemon adventures:

  1. There are some major hot spots for Pokemon, so if you’re looking for places to get started, try these places: The Square, TWU, UNT, Quakertown Park, down Hickory near the Denton County Historical Park. If nothing else, these are great Pokestops (landmarks where you can periodically restock items such as Pokeballs, which are necessary for “catching” Pokemon).
  2. instagram 1 The Square is a great place to start on your quest to catch 'em all! (Photo by @mariahmine on Instagram)

    When you are around these high-traffic areas, be aware of your surroundings. The last thing you want to do is get hit by a car (or run into another person, because that would be embarrassing).

  3. If you have discovered a Pokemon in a place of business, be respectful of the proprietors and its patrons. Don’t bust in, determined to devoid the place of its Rattatas before the health department finds out about it.
  4. Better yet – if it’s a restaurant, it’s hot out there. You’ve had a long day pursuing Pokemon out there. Take a 30-minute break, order a little sustenance and drink some water while you’re catching Pokemon. Use that time to recharge and plan your next move.
  5. Photo Jul 10, 6 33 55 PM El Guapo's clearly knew what its target market was last weekend.

    Pokemon Go is a huge battery drain, so take your phone charger with you, in case you find a place to recharge while on your journey (like the TWU student union. Caught a Zubat AND was able to get some water from the water fountain!). Or, bring a portable charger with you so you can keep the adventure going for several hours.

  6. Better yet: been to our Discover Denton Welcome Center yet? My sources tell me that the Welcome Center is positively CRAWLING with Jigglypuffs, Pidgeys and other creatures, so stop in, recharge your phone at our DME Charging Station, grab a cup of water and peruse the #Dentoning gear while you're out of the heat!
  7. Don’t get a Pokemon tan – apply sunscreen before you go out, because it’s Texas in July out there.
  8. PROTIP: There are nocturnal Pokemon that emerge at night, so if you want to beat the heat, adventure out towards dusk. Friendly reminder that all Denton Parks close at 10 p.m., so please be respectful of those hours and the Denton residents who live around these high-traffic areas. It’s all well and good to catch Gastlys but keep it down when you finally trap them in your Pokeball.

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Where’s the best place in Denton you’ve caught a Pokemon? Sound off in comments and tag us on social with the hashtag #PokemonGoesDentoning!