While I am a first-generation Texan, I have, at times, opted to live in other states. (I know, I know.) What did I learn when I lived away from Texas? It's that those people just do not know their Mexican food. Naturally, every time that I came back to Texas for a visit, I warmly hugged my parents and then not-so-subtly requested that we immediately proceed to a place where I could obtain proper Mexican food.

file-sep-29-5-16-49-pmAlthough I am a firm believer that every day is a perfect day to eat tacos (#TacoTuesday? NO. #TacoEveryday) with National Taco Day falling on #TacoTuesday, there's no better time to indulge in your taco of choice. And we all thankfully live in Texas, where there are a plethora of options to sate your taco cravings - so there's no Taco Bell or Taco Bueno on this list. Here's a few of my favorite Denton places to get my favorite tacos:

      • Rusty Taco (210 E Hickory) - This spot just off the Square is within walking distance of my home and therefore, an easy choice when deciding on a quick meal. No matter the type of taco you prefer, Rusty Taco can take care of you. I love the roasted pork taco, the fried chicken taco and then the Texican. Plus, Rusty has some of the best queso around.
      • La Sabrocita (201 Dallas Drive) - It's hard to miss the brightly-colored building as you're driving down Dallas Drive, but Sabrocita is almost a hidden gem. Their homemade tortillas and delicious platters of Mexican food make this one of the go-to places in Denton.
      • Taqueria Guanajuato (1017 E McKinney) - There's something to be said for simple food that is done right, and that's what this spot on McKinney is. Get yourself some tortas and tacos with a great selection of meats and don't forget a cool agua fresca to wash it all down.
      • La Estrella (602 E McKinney) - I have a confession - the first several times I drove by La Estrella, I wasn't sure what it was. And I definitely didn't believe that they sold tacos. But indeed, they do, so get on that because these are some of the best street tacos in Denton. I also love their flautas.

Lean Machine tacos insta

    • Killer's Tacos (424 Bryan Street) - Want tacos with some humor to them? Killer's Tacos, a newbie to the Denton taco scene, has brought such tacos as the Bacon For It (bacon is listed twice in the ingredients list, so we're all in), More Cowbell and Screamin' Bazinga Zonkers. They also have my personal favorite, the Frito Pi, which costs $3.14. (You want to talk about another thing people outside of Texas don't appreciate? It's the Frito Pie.)
    • Food Trucks - There are several options in Denton for tacos from our favorite food trucks, like Coup de Taco (which is usually parked inside Harvest House), Lean Machine (which serves up both tacos and quesadillas), and one of the new trucks on the scene, Big Knife Tacos (which, in addition to pretty tasty tacos, also has elote. Yes, please.)

Share with us your favorite place to find taco goodness right here in Denton! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go have tacos for all three meals today. Because, Texas.