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Most Dentonites have heard of our town’s beloved Midlake. Interestingly enough, Midlake was originally signed to a European label before they were signed to an American label and thus their greatest concentration of fans are still believed in to be in Europe. So it is forgivable if you haven’t heard of Midlake yet, though I would highly suggest seeing them if you get the chance.

When I heard that Midlake had released a documentary, made even cooler by the fact that Jason Lee (Dave from Alvin and the Chipmunks and Earl from My Mame is Earl) directed the film, I had to make this one the first of my Thin Line docs.

A lot of music documentaries are unfortunately light on the MUSIC, but “Midlake: Live in Denton Texas” did not disappoint. This film is heavy in music. This is a must see for anyone that is new to Midlake.

The film is more a live concert with sprinkles of Denton throughout. It’s an adrenaline rush of music, lights, and images of our beloved Denton! For a little taste I have included Midlake’s latest music video for their song “Aurora Gone.” Imagine this video on steroids and you will have a pretty accurate picture of “Midlake: Live in Denton Texas!”