Midlake Live in Denton2Undeniably, one of the most talented bands in recent years to call Denton home is Midlake. Upon viewing their fantastic performance in the documentary MIDLAKE – LIVE FROM DENTON, viewers are transported not only to an amazing concert but to the city of Denton itself. Striking and swirling visuals, a truly impressive quality of sound, and charming images of the city evoke a sense of civic pride in the arts of this community that is palpable.

The setting for the film is Denton’s well known Dan’s Silverleaf (formerly Dan’s Bar). Anyone who has ever spent any significant time in Denton has likely attended a concert at this iconic venue. Over the years, patrons to Dan’s have been privy to a sampling of the many talented artists that this great city produces.

As we prepare to celebrate the success of this remarkable band and film at Thin Line, I take this opportunity to also sing the praises of the man who has so often provided the space for such stars to shine, Dan Mojica of Dan’s Silverleaf. This winter, Mojica was named the recipient of the Greater Denton Arts Council’s 42nd Annual Community Arts Recognition Award (CARA). The CARA award honors those who have significantly enhanced the cultural life and status of Denton. Mojica was nominated for this award because of his commitment to nurturing and providing a generation of singers and songwriters the opportunity to perform, develop, and grow.

At the end of MIDLAKE – LIVE FROM DENTON, vocalist Eric Pulido thanks Mojica and the crowd and says “Denton… we love it so much because we support one another, we promote one another, we encourage one another, we challenge one another, and we love one another.”

Nothing could be more true or more important to the arts of this city. Thank you to Midlake, who exemplify the creative and generous spirt of Denton and to those like Mojica, who are dedicated to celebrating and supporting such artists in our community.

Celebrate the success and artistry of MIDLAKE – LIVE FROM DENTON at Opening Night at Thin Line Wednesday. February 18. Then raise a toast to Dan Mojica at the Patterson-Appleton Center for the Visual Arts, Friday, February 27. For details, visit dentonarts.com