Mellow Mushroom FB

In Denton, we’re very lucky to have so many delicious dining options. But we all know that the tastiness of the food isn’t the only thing that matters when choosing a place to eat. Customer service is paramount to a restaurant’s success. And Denton Originals businesses embrace that concept fully, constantly striving to be better than the competition. That’s why our very own Mellow Mushroom in Denton has been recognized (once again) as the top-rated restaurant in the chain. Denton residents and visitors alike are raving about Mellow Mushroom, and it’s no surprise why. They have some mighty-fine pizza and a stellar patio, sure, but that’s not what sets them apart from all the other pizza joints in the chain. Our downtown Mellow Mushroom provides the very best in customer service to give guests the complete Denton dining experience.

Owner Monte Jensen credits this achievement to being a part of the Denton Originals program. This program is free training offered to Denton businesses by the Denton Convention & Visitor Bureau. Local businesses can put their employees through the online training course to teach them about Denton, immersing employees in our unique culture. The next time guests are chatting with their server about what to do in town (anything from art galleries to live music), the server will be well-equipped with a variety of suggestions to offer (credit beck at dh tech). Front-line employees who want to go above and beyond will know more than menu options and drink specials, they’ll also be equipped with Denton knowledge, and a smile of course.

So congratulations to Mellow Mushroom in Denton for another win! Keep up the great work and keep churning out those awesome pizzas. Click here for more information on the Denton Originals program.