The Discover Denton Welcome Center opened on June 21 to a ready Denton audience.  Some 2,710 people visited the store in our first nine days.  Now that our grand opening month is nearing its close, the numbers have settled into an average 1,500 to 2,000 visitors per week.  Overwhelmingly positive feedback assures us that we’ve met the mark in fulfilling the vision for an original, independent welcome/visitor center unlike any other.

Since it is the centerpiece attraction in the welcome center, it is not surprising that has realized a 34% increase in downloads and listenership IMG_6706- editedsince our opening, a number that is also growing daily.  While has been online for five years, listenership has grown steadily but slowly until now.  Online radio is the new way to listen to radio, customized to each listener’s preference.  Audiences have a world of radio options ready and waiting in app stores, so with limited advertising dollars available to compete, helping even Dentonites discover this all local station has been a challenge.  Like I said, until now. is hard not to find these days.  In similar fashion to the 1990s television show “Northern Exposure,” passersby as well as visitors inside the welcome center can see inside the Dentonesque glass-enclosed studio where deejays are cuing music and interviewing guests.  Since these deejays have their own followings, it is not uncommon to see crowds gathering inside and out to watch a show.

Our deejays are special in the fact that they were selected for their talent on air and in the studio.  They have extra pizzazz that entertains whether watching them through the glass or listening to them, unseen on the air.

Today begins a series featuring these Denton personalities, the voices promoting local Denton to listeners anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Dunashay edit 3-Dunashay Thomas is a signer/songwriter/actor that has played Denton venues since he arrived in 2007 to attend UNT.  After graduating with his degree in Radio/Television/Film, Dunashay continued to pursue his music while working full time for Red Rock Micro, a company that makes camera accessories and rigs for corporate and indie filmmakers.  A long time participant with, Dunashay was thrilled to join the studio team, and arrived with his own idea for a show called “The Creation Sensation.”

Dunashay grew up surrounded by music in his Tyler, Texas home.  He started playing piano when he was 8 years old.  But his story really starts well into his high school career while waiting in the car for his mom at a laundry mat.  As he tells it, he was listening to the radio in the car when a revelation hit him like a bolt of lightening.  Singing and composing music on guitar is what he really wanted to do.  So he saved his money, bought a guitar, and taught himself to play.  Three years later, he recorded his first original song, “Playing With My Heart” and took the stage in his first concert appearance.

Dunashay’s silky-smooth voice is not new to radio.  Besides his recordings, he’s done voice tracking and worked at the KNTU station at UNT.

So what is “The Creation Sensation” all about?  Dunashay says it’s all about creativity and the spirit of genuineness that drives creators.

“I want to promote positive action in our community,” Dunashay explained.  “Each of us has unique gifts, and I want to focus on those and how they affect the people around us.”

“I believe in living life intentionally,” he went on.  “Are you being your best?  You can’t control others.  At the end of the day, you can only control you.  So I’m Dentonradio Logofocusing on the positive things people do and what inspires them.”

A grooving mix of R&B, jazz, classic rock and indie tunes played in the background as I listened to Dunashay converse with his guest, local musician Droo, on the show this past week.  Dunashay shared his story, then asked Droo,“Tell us, man. What inspires you?”

That is the question posed every week on “The Creation Sensation,” Wednesdays from 6-9 p.m.  Listen live or stop by the Discover Denton Welcome Center studio and meet Dunashay.  He has a smile you can only hear online, but it pulls you in just like his music when you meet him in person.

We’ll meet several more on-air personalities in coming weeks, each a unique style and show.  Download the free app for 24/7 Denton music.  To listen live, select “Discover Denton (Live)” 9-9 Monday through Saturday and 10-6 Sundays to hear Denton through the all-new deejay experience.

This is Denton, folks.  Original and Independent.

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Listen in to Dunashay's show

The Creation Sensation: Wednesday, 5-9 p.m.

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