The 2018 Dog Days of Denton Spokesdog was crowned Saturday at the North Texas Fairgrounds.

This is Ice, a purebred Siberian Husky. Ice is going to be seven in January but he his owner, Lyndon Villone, has had him since he was four and a half weeks old. Ice is truly a part of Lyndon’s family, he owned Ice’s father before him.

“He was named after a marine veteran that saved the life of three other marines in a training accident. He was born about a week after that marine died, his name was Sergeant Wesley Rice, he was my best friend and roommate. So, I dropped the “R” off of Rice and made Ice, in memory of him,” Villone said.

What makes Ice such a special Spokesdog? His owner says he started off as a therapy dog, spreading love to other people by helping at risk youth and doing reading programs with kids. But when his owner began to have vertigo spells he had to change his duty and become a therapy dog. Now, he transitions between having people pet him all the time to just working for his owner, Lyndon. He has made his family proud by acing the transition, which his owner says can be really hard.

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