If you're at all interested in space, or you've got cable TV, you're likely well aware that we are going to have a solar eclipse next weekend. Now, while we here in north Texas will not experience a total solar eclipse (that one will be in 2024), we will have a partial solar eclipse.

Before viewing this event, you are undoubtedly aware to NOT STARE DIRECTLY AT THE ECLIPSE. Not even sunglasses are adequate eye protection. You can either pray that one of our local viewing parties still has the eclipse viewers, purchase some from Amazon or another retailer (but make sure they meet the requirements suggested by NASA. Here's a great list of recommended requirements and manufacturers of solar eclipse glasses from WFAA.) or if you are near a Warby Parker store, they will also have eclipse glasses available.

Or, even better! If you're antsy that you may not get eye protection in time, make your own! This would be a great craft to do with your kids before the eclipse. All you need to make a pin-hole projector is a piece of paper, aluminum foil, tape, scissors and a push pin. Here's an instructional video:

Now, while you can just go outside with your eyewear or pinhole viewer, like most things, the eclipse is more fun with a group!

Here in Denton proper, the Denton Public Library will have watch parties at two of its locations! You can meet up with other enthusiasts at the North Branch Library (at the corner of Windsor and North Locust) or at South Branch Library (just off of Teasley and Lillian Miller) where all ages will be welcome! The first 200 who show up will also receive solar eclipse glasses.

For a view through a telescope, head out to the Rafes Urban Astronomy Center for a viewing party! For just $3 a person, come out and enjoy the eclipse! The first 200 people at this viewing will also receive solar eclipse glasses.

If you're north of town or just headed out to enjoy the day at Lake Ray Roberts, they will be having a watch party as well at the state park! While the event is free, there is a $7/person (ages 13 and up) admission to the park. They have a limited supply of solar glasses, as well as a telescope equipped with a solar filter. This party will be at Pavilion 1 of the Day Use Area.

So equip that camera with a solar filter, get yourself some eye protection and get ready to enjoy the solar eclipse! Share your photos of who you're eclipsing with and where on our social media channels using #Dentoning.