Today I want to speak to you about jobs.  Just kidding, the last thing we all need to read is another “political, jobs, vote-for-my-candidate article.”  Not to worry, that is not where I am going at all.  I simply want to put forth an idea.  Yes it has to do with jobs, but simply as a catalyst to “brag” on Denton.

We can’t ignore that we all need money, I saw a comedian at Banter Bistro’s open mic recently that said “your twenties is defined by thirty extra dollars fixing all of your problems!”  I recently spoke with some college students that had a theory about Denton.  The belief of these college students was that there are “no jobs in Denton” (which could not be any farther from the truth) “and that if there are jobs in Denton there are no ‘creative ones.’”  So, I wanted to use this blog post to debunk this theory and say why I believe that Denton will soon be the “Main Stay” for creative jobs.

This belief is built around relationships.  I read an excerpt that Tony Hsieh (CEO of once wrote in Ivanka Trump’s book The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life that read in part “I really prefer to focus on just building relationships and getting to know people as just people, regardless of their position… In looking back at the major turning points in the history of the company, it seems that most of them were the result of pure luck.  Things happened that we could not have possibly predicted, but they were the result of relationships that we started building 2-3 years earlier.  So my advice is to stop trying to ‘network’ in the traditional business sense, and instead just try to build up the number and depth of your friendships, where the friendship itself is its own reward.”  I very much agree!  Through my friendship with the owners of Banter Bistro I have met countless artists that perform there and those artists are now, a friend of mine (I just found out) works for Selwyn School and he was able to secure as the music for their Pumpkin Fest this year, and a friend I met through the chamber of commerce once introduced me to the leaders of Discover Denton (with no agenda, just as friends) and now there is a link to sitting on the homepage of Discover Denton’s website.  It has been our relationships that have given us what we have today.discover_denton_banner_jpg_w640

So here is the idea: Business Leaders, make more friends!  Continuously growing job markets need continuously growing relationships.  Business should be fun!  It is hard to calculate relationships into a projections sheet, but it must be in our companies’ strategies for growth.

Now, let me take a second to applaud Denton for this.  Last week I attended an event called the Denton Creatives Mixerput on by City Councilman Kevin Roden.  The point of the entire event was to gather creative companies of all types and help them to build relationships.  The turnout was mind blowing!  The entire event was elbow to elbow (even in the rain [yes it rained on us and Kevin just kept speaking.  I have to wonder if it is safe to have sound equipment submerged in water, but that’s dedication!]).  The turnout was inspiration enough, but to walk away with new friendships was even better.  See Denton gets it, and it is events like that one that tell me that Denton has not even begun to impress people.  A town that understands that business is about people and relationships is a town that is about to explode, because honestly the only reason we need a job in the first place is to be able to provide for people and relationships.

For a town to stimulate growth in its creative economy it must encourage relationships between those companies, and Denton is well ahead of the curve.  My point?  The music, culture, and art is truly great when that creativity can be sustained, and Denton is putting everything it has into it.  Can Denton be the “Main Stay” for creativity?  How could it not be?