In order to celebrate the return and expansion of late Friday night service of the DCTA A-Train and kick-off the imminent passage of our new food truck ordinance, the City of Denton has teamed up with DCTA, the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau, and a bunch of great food trucks to bring you Friday Nite Bites! Denton Foodie Truck Festival.

If you are a citizen of Denton, here’s your chance to experience this gourmet culinary phenomena that is becoming a must for serious urban centers.  In a matter of weeks, your city will be officially open for an emerging culture of expanded menu options guided by young entrepreneurs.  I am proud to say that some of the trucks featured at this event are Denton-based.

If you aren’t from Denton, here’s another in a long list of reasons to spend an evening or weekend in Denton…

I am convinced that the Downtown Denton A-Train Station is the premier destination stop among the entire regional transit system (DCTA, DART, and TRE). I am so convinced, that I challenge anyone to find another train stop in the region with the concentration of music venues, restaurants, bars, cultural attractions, festivals, family-friendly events, parks, and historic neighborhoods all within walking distance from the station.  Perhaps the fact that I am a Denton City Councilman whose council district includes the downtown area accounts for such cheerleading.  At least I’m in good company.

The creative and cultural scene that has been nurtured in Denton generally, and the downtown area specifically, has gotten the attention of prominent outsiders. UK’s The Guardian recognizes that Denton “is fast becoming an American musical heartland where something is happening.”  This same sentiment has been echoed by the New York Times and Paste Magazine, who recently named Denton the nation’s “Best Music Scene.”  This scene has birthed, raised, and kept in downtown the annual 35 Denton music festival, which D Magazine has dubbed the DFW region’s “Best Annual Festival.”  Downtown is also home to the Greater Denton Arts Council and its Center for the Visual Arts, the UNT Institute for the Advancement of the Arts, a growing and thriving live theater scene, the Denton Community Market, and the annual Thin Line Film Fest. Denton’s downtown park, Quakertown, is home to several annual festivals, including the popular Arts and Jazz FestCinco de Mayo Celebration, and the Denton Blues Fest. You can even explore our up-and-coming downtown neighborhoods where you might come across the East McKinney Taco Corridor or even the house of a city councilman where you can come in for drinks and philosophic conversation.  This concentration of culture even has The Atlantic Cities featuring the synergy between Denton’s growing creative class and economic development in our city.

With all this within walking distance to the downtown Denton A-Train station, it is no wonder that Denton has led the fight to get, keep, and expand Friday night and Saturday rail service.  We certainly want our citizens to enjoy the freedom that comes with taking a train to the many great destinations South of us.  But we also want our friends in the DFW area to take their friends, dates, and families for an evening, day, or even weekend in Denton.

Join us on Friday, October 26 from 5-10pm at the DCTA Downtown Transit Center as we enjoy fine food and drink together.  And I encourage everyone to linger a bit in our downtown area to experience firsthand what the rest of the world is talking about.