Everyone has a memory of  that special comfort meal their mom or dad would make for them as a kid. When I was growing up, my mom’s special meal for me was what she called “Happy Face Sandwiches.”  A piece of toast with cheese melted on the top and sliced hot dog weenies arranged into a smiley face. So naturally, any film or art piece displaying food coming to life with personality has the ability to win my heart in one small bite.

After viewing a few of the films for the upcoming Thin Line Film Fest, I just couldn't get this one out of my head. It stuck with me. Not in a “that really made me think” kind of way. It's more like every time I’m eating, I’m thinking about what type of accent my Friday night broccoli and couscous might have.

FOOD is an adorable medley of various food items giving short testimonials on how they think about other foods; their voices providing a raw (pun intended) opinion regarding the way we think about food, in general.

Artistically, I found this Thin Line short to be incredibly clever. There is the obvious, foods voicing their opinions on some hot issues that our society has been discussing regarding how we view food production and diet. So simple. But there’s also the small details in the scenes, the baby crying in the background and silverware clanging at the diner where Mr. Cheeseburger is giving his take on food. Or there’s my favorite, the curious “body language” of Mr. and Ms. Chicken.

I wasn't sure if this film was supposed to make me hungry or encourage me rethink my food choices. It was definitely the former for me. I haven’t stopped thinking about cheeseburgers and little grilled hot dog weenies (Happy Face Sandwiches) since my viewing. Who ever thought animated food could be so enticing?

In short, FOOD was delightful. I laughed for the entire 3 ½ minutes of this short film while simultaneously thinking "Hey, cute food! I really want to eat you!". I'll admit, I felt a slight twinge of guilt that I was craving talking food with a lovable personality. I actually went back to watch it a few more times. I just couldn't stop giggling. Then I ate my very non-chatty, inanimate, boring ol' lunch.

FOOD provides great insight into the way people associate food with quality of life. It also seems to address a certain conviction on the current process on how our food is prepared for us. I found the film full of humor and nostalgia and I highly recommend this short film for all ages.