Eddie Running wolfSearching for Eddie Running Wolf takes viewers on an unexpected journey. At the beginning of the film, we learn Edie Running Wolf, a well-known Native American sculptor has been hired by collector Dr. Joseph Hartmann to create a monumental sculpture from marble. The commission remains unfinished for many years until Dr. Hartman’s son, Thomas Hartmann and friend Juan Montelongo embark on a road trip to find the elusive artist. Armed with cameras and his parents’ RV, Hartmann invites us on a quest to Colorado, the home of the artist.

What happens next is so unbelievable, the audience may wonder if what they are witnessing is real or performance. Take note: a traditional artist documentary about a wood carver from the Southwest this is not. Searching for Eddie Running Wolf is a raw exploration of the creative process and the intimate life of an artist tempered with controversy, mental illness, and loss.

The film makes its world debut at THIN LINE Saturday, February 21 at 8 PM. Filmmakers Thomas Hartmann and Juan Montelongo will be in attendance for this World Premiere.