While Dog Days 2015 is under wraps, no need to make an abrupt stop on cute dog pictures. In fact, Dog Days of Denton plans to continue to crush on Man’s Best Friend.  While we bid farewell to last year’s spokesdog, Banjo, they welcomed the 2015-2016 spokesdog Lager who will carry the torch on all things dog-friendly and awareness.

Dog Days 2015 and 2016 Spokesdogs Banjo (right) passes the torch on to Lager (left) at the 2015 Dog Days of Denton. Photo Credit: Tammi Paul

Here is Lager’s spokesdog submission in his own words:

Hello!  I’m Lager!  I would be the perfect spokesdog, because I love everyone and have been called Mr. Cooperative since birth!  I’m a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!  I am 8 months old! I am really soft, playful and smart! I know 16 tricks, including scary movie and figure 8!

My tricks include: Crawl, sit, down, paws up, stand, spin, stand/spin, scary movie, figure 8, speak, treat on nose, treat in mouth, beep-beep, wave, paw, wait, up/down, look at me.

Keep an eye out for Lager this year as he fulfills his doggie duties and possibly some of his tricks around Denton!