Cody arrived for his final picture shoot sporting a dapper blue and green button-down shirt. His curly hair was combed back although some dropped casually down in front of his eyes. Stray wisps of gray and white curled around his neck and framed a little bow tie. Although he was not wearing his signature clown costume, he was just as irresistible. Oh, and huggable!

Why are little dogs in clothes so adorable? We just want to pick them up and shower them with kisses! Doggie boutiques line Main Streets from San Francisco to New York City. Some of us fuel a whole cottage industry of dog clothiers.

Come to think about it, a Great Dane in a tutu is pretty sassy too.

O.K. Let’s just agree that any dog in clothing goes immediately to the front of the line.

The Dog Days of Denton will draw canine cuties from all over north Texas this Saturday and Cody will relinquish the leash to his successor. The fairgrounds will explode in a kind of doggie fashion show as owners strut their stuff and contestants vie for the title of 2017-18 Spokesdog. Costumes are not required but good humor is.

As his reign as Dog Days of Denton Spokesdog comes to an end, Cody's human, Lauri Sulewski shares some final thoughts.

“Dogs are not toys,” she said. It was important for her to use this year to discuss responsible dog ownership.

Sulewski encourages people to consider adoption of a dog as a long-term relationship. She believes most people don’t think about details that result in most pet abandonment situations. Cody was sick and she almost lost him.

“I was lucky the vet could save Cody, but it wasn’t cheap,” she said. Besides expenses, dogs require time and emotional energy.

“I’m in this for better or worse,” she said. “Hopefully, I have another ten years with him.”

They enjoy hanging out in the dog park and he likes to go with her to the coffee shop.

As a 2016 UNT graduate, Sulewski isn’t sure where her career path will take her. Wherever she goes, you can bet a little terrier will be sitting in the passenger seat beside her … dressed to the nines.