"WOW! has broken ground on the Square! Not literally of course, but we had our first event there on a weekend that sampled pretty much all the seasons. Although I am not sure if “event” completely captures it; we had forty-one local Denton acts play over the course of four days!!!, along with the Denton Convention & Visitors BureauDenton County Historical Commission, and the Denton Office of History and Culture teamed up to create the event called “Denton Radio on the Square.”

Denton is one of the greatest music cities in the world, and it is truly amazing to see so many organizations and venues uniting under the same flag to scream to the world “here is the music!  Come listen!”  I lived close to or in Denton for almost ten years before I was ever introduced to the music here, and I wish it could have been sooner; I can only hope to introduce as many people to it as possible.  And the weekend of “Denton Radio on the Square” EVERYONE that passed by the Square was able to enjoy our local music scene!!  Young and old, hip and not, Dentonites from all around were able to enjoy our great local music!

I have to say that this city and county have been very good to us.  To support our “rag-tag” group at is probably not easy!  But they do whatever they can to show us how much they care for local music; my team and I were almost in tears when seeing what (for that weekend) was ours.  I personally had one surreal moment when walking back from our parking lot; I could see the Square from a distance (the BEAUTIFUL Courthouse Building) and I realized “for this weekend, that building belongs to local Denton music.”  It was as if every dream we ever had came to reality.

We were honored to host such a stage for the weekend.  I want to personally thank the musicians that came and played; I know the music industry is hard these days (in fact, most dreams usually are) but you make such a difference in the rest of our lives.  Whether by a lyric that connects with our hearts or by creating an experience that can pull people out of their sorrows, what you do matters.  I hope the music community enjoyed that weekend as much as we did, and I hope you know that this is just the beginning!"