app: New Features, Same Local Beat

If you open up your app (following the update today, December 15), you'll see that we've given it a facelift! Never fear, this app has some new innovative features while still playing the great Denton music that you love. Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, the improved app is designed with our original Denton music in mind. Here's an exclusive look at all the new features coming to the app to make your app jamming!

dr-new-image-3222's new design and layout will make your #dentoning music experience even more local and independent!

Original and Independent New Look

image1 Share some of your favorites with new update instantly!

In the new update, our app has been visually remastered with a stunning, enhanced design. Check out all the songs that we've been playing on the station in "Song History." Want the world to know about a song that you know would be a hit? Now you can share your favorite song and instantly text, tweet, or post to Facebook a link to what's going on at!

Hear us in the moment

Thanks to the update, our LIVE stream will be available 24/7 on the app. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, will be airing our original and local sound.  Discover some of your new favorite Denton artists in the moment with the LIVE stream!

Clock in to local music

Set your clock so you can wake up to the Denton hits! Set your clock so you can wake up to the Denton hits!

The best Denton hits are set to soothe as you prepare to drift off every night with the sleep timer! Synchronize your daily activities with these cool new time features. Skip the noisy alarm and spring forward to the new app.

Our app doesn't fall far from the tree

Love a song that we're playing? With the new update, users can directly link to Apple Music to stream artists' complete collection of tunes. Just go to our "Song History" and tap a song that you're a fan of and you'll instantly be connected to the album on Apple Music. Now you can rock out to some of your favorite artists even when our station isn't playing them!

Want to download right now? Click to download the app today!

itunesgp on the web is better than ever

The app isn't the only thing changing. The website has also been enhanced to keep your #dentoning music rocking between portable screens. The upgraded website has loads of new features to double your local and original music. Just click the " Listen Live" in the upper-right hand corner of any page on and let the music play!

The Library is Open!

channels We have the perfect style of music for you with some of our different Denton channels!

Bummed that you didn't see the last local outing from your favorite artist? Now you can check out a full collection of original and independent live recordings on our station. Now you never have to miss out on any awesome local artists again! This collection includes audio clips or HD videos from shows that we have aired on our station.

Channel into the new platform

With our new page, listeners can now find a slew of new genre channels. This new page lets the listener find the perfect Denton music to match their particular taste. These new channels include the "Playing this Month" where you can hear some of your favorite artists and find out about all their upcoming shows right here in Denton!

New to Podcasts

Love our sound? Now you can listen to one of our different podcasts to keep that Denton sound playing even when you're not surfing our webpage! Each of our podcasts are by our awesome DJs and have guest commentary, live music, interviews with your favorite local artists and more! Click the link to find out about all of our podcasts and where to subscribe and download! podcasts

Live and Scheduled

With the new web page, listeners have access to the 24/7 live stream on all screens whether you're going mobile or jamming in the office! We've also posted our entire schedule so you never miss your favorite artists and DJs again!

Looking for even more

What's a person to do if they want more original Denton music? Our live streams will now be listed with iTunes Radio, so you can instantly tune in to our shows! Have an Apple TV? You can also stream through your TV so you can have that local sound playing anywhere you go! As long as you have a device, we got you covered whether it's on our app, the television, or the office computer.