"Playing and traveling...one day to be found. If not. It was a fun ride." - Richard Gilbert.

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Once a month I select one musician from DentonRadio.com and give the rest of the world a little behind the scenes peek at who they are or at least what I know anyways. This month I have chosen Richard Gilbert.

Richard’s music is very smooth Folk, a genre that is honestly harder to define than most, so Richard has taken to calling it “Acousti-eclectic-folk-pop!” I personally feel like Richard’s music is most appreciated by Generation X, however Richard himself  is probably most appreciated by Generation Y! Richard’s latest CD, “Far Away Girl” is a great example of music loved by all, but it is not Justin Bieber.

Richard is one of the most fun and full-of-life people you will probably ever meet which I feel appeals to Generation Y.  When you first meet Richard he may appear to simply be a Retired Postmaster, until you find out that he is a very active runner, in fantastic shape, and probably able to dance you right under the table!! Richard has a very learned mind and I have had many days fly by while talking the world’s problems, philosophies, and solutions at Banter over coffee with him. Richard is always there to comfort or give advice to any musician, and is always the first one to jump onto a project that can help the local music scene.

So when I say that “Richard is most appreciated by Generation Y!” Don’t take that as a comment of charisma or maturity; take it to mean that Richard is a LEGEND among all ages of musicians! That he works so hard and so much that the only other musicians that are able to keep up with him are the Gen Y’ers!!! In fact, Richard is probably one of the hardest working musicians I know!

Here is a picture of that frigid day.Richard played at Community Market a lot this year in spite of it being difficult to commit to a 9am time slot on a Saturday. One morning in particular I’m sure I will always remember. The weather was just turning cold and that morning was feeling particularly bad.  At about 9am, when Richard’s set was starting, it was about 37 degrees.  Trust me, for Texans, 37 degrees does not agree with you after a summer of consecutive 100 degree weather.  Well, Richard pulled off his gloves, grabbed his guitar and gave the show everything he had! When his set was over some of the other musicians coming to play only got a couple of songs in before they reluctantly walked off the stage because it was “too cold.” I was worried for a minute, but then Richard picked his guitar back up and played the rest of their sets as well!

 Here is a picture of that frigid day.

Richard Gilbert's Facebook

It doesn't look like it, but trust me it was COOOOOOLD!!!!

Richard will always have a special place in my heart. When DentonRadio.com was just starting we had absolutely no money, so we created a Crowd Funding Website account where people could donate. Shortly after I had to go out of town for about a week and did not check the account until I returned to Denton. The plan was to promote the page after I returned, but there was one donation while I was gone. Later I found out that it was Richard. About 6 months later we setup a big registration event at Banter to begin collecting music. This event had me scared to death most of the day because almost all of the musicians came in the last hour.  Something I should have suspected with "creatures of the night."  My comfort throughout the day was the one Artist who registered LONG before anyone else: Richard.

Richard Gilbert's Facebook

Richard just finished a song called "Birds Between Buildings." One day as he was sitting outside of Banter, he noticed birds flying between the buildings. He very much wanted to snap a picture; however, he did not have a camera. So, as he says, "I wrote a song about it instead" which served as his "picture," the capturing of the moment. This may not seem like that "deep" of a statement, but I think that it is rare to find someone that thinks in those terms and can then create something that can be appreciated by everyone. Richard truly has a gift with words.

I hope you get the chance to see Richard play and meet him someday. He truly is a fantastic and very unique musician, as well as an extremely lovable person. I am honored to call him my friend!

Thanks for all you do Richard!