Denton is overflowing with art and creativity. From the outside looking in, you might think that’s why Denton has finally begun receiving the attention it deserves. However, I think it is important to note where that creativity truly comes from.

Denton’s greatest resource is its people and their spirit.  A creative spirit yes, but more importantly a spirit of family. Your family may be a little different at times, but in the times you push the envelope they will always be the ones supporting you when you face adversity. This is Denton, we band together, we support each other, we collaborate with one another, we dream together.

This is where the creativity comes from. Creativity is in every city, but sometimes it isn’t welcomed, it isn’t supported, it isn’t encouraged. Not in Denton, we stand together as one; disagreements, sure, but never seclusion. How could your Muse not take life in such a place?

I’m writing this blog with extreme pride.  Pride in a small group of fellow Dentonites, who took a small group of house shows and created one of Denton’s fastest growing mega festivals: Oaktopia.

This weekend Oaktopia will fill Denton with music, art, and endless fun. Here is a list of just a few of the bands that will be lighting up Denton stages:

Nationals: 1) Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 2) Thundercat 3) Minus the Bear 4) The Polyphonic Spree 5) Shlohmo 6) DJ Mom Jeans (Danny Masterson) 7) Allan Kingdom 8) The Bright Light Social Hour 9) Mineral 10) Sarah Jaffe

Locals: 1) Jessie Frye 2) Criminal Birds 3) -topic 4) Biographies 5) Kaela Sinclair 6) Buffalo Black 7) Octahedron 8) Juicy the Emissary 9) Dome Dwellers 10) Blue, the Misfit

See you #dentoning during Oaktopia!