What do Denton's Day of the Dead Festival, the Arts Walk of Fame and Artists Enclave of Denton County have in common?   All three involve varied artistic expressions, broad community wide support and a host of behind the scenes volunteers. Let me jump right into the middle of the creative sandbox called Denton, Destination of the Arts, and also, say that they represent our community's Future.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo Courtesy of Cherie Yurko

The Future, our Future is being made in the Present – exactly where we are. There is plenty of room in the sandbox for each of us to play an important role in shaping the sights, the sounds and the spectacular of Denton both now and down the road.  We can line the streets for the Day of the Dead Coffin Races or be the ones who build the ingenious machines that the crowds are cheering.   We can work with city planners to envision an Arts Walk of Fame or take our friends of all ages to Hickory Street for a living lesson in history. We can encourage a dancer to collaborate with a painter or a poet to inspire a filmmaker in the networking conversations and creative demonstrations of an Artists Enclave special event.  We can be those artists, arts supporters and volunteers.  If we do, intuition tells me that our lives will be the better for it.

Denton Mini Maker Faire- From FB Photo courtesy of Denton Mini Maker Faire's facebook page

Sometimes jumping into the sandbox is not as easy as it looks nor is being in the sandbox trouble free.  Childhood memory serves to remind me that some days new dress shoes, wet weather and it's all mine playmates did not make an afternoon in the sandbox the best of experiences.  Childhood memory also reminds me that I came back for a second and a third time to build sandcastles and whole villages with friends old and new

I have taken time the past two months to get out of my usual sandbox of filmmaking and explore Denton's expansive artistic neighborhood as chair of Artists Enclave of Denton County, a new networking organization for arts supporters and artists of diverse disciplines.  Whether at the recent Denton Makers Mini Faire or a Brick Haus Collective Open House, I met artists passionate about their creations and always welcoming my questions.

No matter where we have come from or where we are going, we live here now. We live in Denton, in a Present that is building for the Future. Denton continuing to develop as a dynamic Destination for the Arts is worth my time, my talents and my resources.  Sandbox, here I come. How about you?

Featured Image courtesy of Susan Carol Davis