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It’s no secret that Denton is a music town. This has been a statement of fact for, well, decades. We look around now and can find live music almost every night of the week, festivals that feature live bands almost monthly, and thriving industry made up of venues and professional recording studios, making us a destination for visiting musicians and producers. With such a long-standing history of music, it only makes sense that the City of Denton should be included in Make Music Day. Make Music Day is a worldwide celebration of music, an invitation for cities all over the globe to share music freely and make music accessible within the community.


Denton’s musical legacy goes all the way back to the 1920s when Denton High School band director Floyd Graham was hired by North Texas State College (now University of North Texas) to work in the music department. Professor Graham’s Stage Band provided music during silent films as well as dances and events around town. Professor Floyd ultimately had the band playing every Saturday night in Denton. These long-running Saturday night stage shows became a springboard for local talent and ultimately a catalyst for UNT’s jazz program in the 1940s, one of the first in the country. In addition, the Stage Band traveled the country playing for functions, army camps, and more while earning money for tuition and publicizing the school. It wasn’t long after that musicians started traveling to Denton to attend the colleges and to collaborate with other local talent.


This history of rich, musical talent continues today. Though Denton is home to a number of artists that have been able to break out of the local scene (Brave Combo, Norah Jones, Sarah Jaffe, Midlake, Eli & Young Band), there is a good chance that your new favorite band is playing this week at Rubber Gloves, Dan’s Silverleaf, or Harvest House

The amount of talent in this town is unique, and we are endlessly spoiled. Whether you live here or you’re looking for your perfect weekend getaway, this little music town offers incredible live music with decades of history to back it up. Let’s get out there and support the people that make Denton special - our artists, creatives, and venues.


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