Ditch the Pumpkin Spice Lattes friends, because it’s time for what October is really about: The haunted places and spaces that make our city scary fun. Okay, fine, you can still bring the lattes to the haunted attractions, but don’t blame me if you spill it during a scare.

Denton is home to a host of creeptastic destinations worthy of a pre-Hallow’s eve visit, so you don’t have to travel too far for to get your thrills and chills. Grab a reluctant friend and prepare yourself for a killer month with a stop at one (or all) of these local haunts:

The Goatman’s Bridge

Part-time goat farmer and full-time businessman Oscar Washburn was a staple of the Denton community; that is, until jealous rivals murdered his family and hung him from the bridge connecting Lewisville to Alton. Now, legend has it “The Goatman” haunts the bridge, and dwells in the shadows to scare Dentonites as they pass by. This site has seen many curious travelers, investigators and séance-holders over the years, and as the centerpiece of The Dark Path Haunt, it’s one of the spookiest spots in all of Denton. More info here. And speaking of that trail…

The Dark Path Haunt Trail

 Deep in the dark heart of Denton’s forest lies a trail so scary it’ll keep even the most fearless Dentonites away. If you’re brave enough, try your luck with The Dark Path, a long and winding trail that has been home to ghosts and other ghastly sightings since 1938. You’ll have only your friends and a single lantern to guide the way, but if you can make it to the end, eternal glory and bragging rights await you—alongside maybe a ghost or two. More info here.

The Parker House

The practice of a “wake” comes from the old custom of staying with your deceased family member until the funeral comes—lest an animal disturb the body. Many full moons ago, Denton’s Old Man Parker and his family volunteered their home as a place where anyone could hold a wake, giving his daughter Mary a horrific idea. I’ll spare the gruesome details, but let’s just say Mary started contributing to the family business in less than legal ways. Now, you can tour this house of torture and torment, and relive all of the detestable despair that befell many a Dentonite back in the day. Learn more here, if you dare.

But that’s not it…

The three destinations above may lay claim to some of the most classically terrifying tales in our beloved town, but the fact remains that there are ghosts, goblins and ghoulish things to be found all across Denton. From the courthouse to The Campus Theatre, ghosts—like musicians—seem to be around every corner. So whether you’re seeking a spooky evening of fun with friends and family, or just scurrying to the Square for a cup of coffee, be afraid…and don’t look over your shoulder.