The engagement photos are published online.  Congratulations are flooding in like flower petals falling from the sky.  Yes, your joyous moment is everything you’ve dreamed about and so much more. Prince Charming and you are ready to ride off into the sunset to enjoy your Happily Ever After.

Wedding by Karen Scruggs PhotographyAnd then it happens.  Like the sound of a record being scratched.  The questions.  When? Where? What are your colors? What flowers will you choose? What will you serve?  How about music?

“Ugh! Don’t ruin my enchanted occasion with all these stressful questions!” you want to scream but instead will politely respond with, “I will be spending my evenings and lunch breaks on Pinterest.  I’ll keep you posted.”

“Weddings are special and lovely, but no one tells you how much time you’ll spend running around to try and put it all together with a pressing deadline,” reminisces Sharon Jared of her wedding planning process.

However, there is help for soon-to-be brides in Denton County.  Imagine a place where you can select a venue, choose flowers, decide on a menu and perhaps even book a band. “Is this a figment of my imagination; can there be flowers, sunshine and rainbows in the midst of this planning process” you ask? The answer is yes at the upcoming 2016 Denton Bridal Show.

While there hasn’t been a Bridal Show in Denton for about a decade, the number of elegant venues and quality wedding professionals in Denton County has increased exponentially.

“Denton County has become a truly autonomous wedding locale where any bride can throw a beautiful, personal and ‘Magazine Worthy’ wedding without having to sacrifice on quality or style, all while never having to venture beyond Denton County! It's only natural that Denton needs to have its own Bridal Show!” says the event organizer, Lisa Moore. “We are expecting over 500 brides. Past Denton Bridal Shows prior to 2007 consistently saw over 400 brides, but this event will have 3 times the number of vendors and about ten times the budget spent on promotions. It's going to be great for North Texas and all of the fabulous brides!”Denton Bridal Show flyer

The show will be FREE for all attendees, with soon-to-be brides receiving special treatment including COMPLIMENTARY valet parking.  The event will include a live fashion show, raffle prizes and, most importantly, a stress-free zone with answers to all those detail questions about planning the most significant event of your life. At the Denton Bridal Show you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too, accompanied by a glass of champagne. (Cue the flower petals falling from the sky.)