Denton Back Yard Farms (Logan Pettyjohn) on Sustainability

Logan Pettyjohn of Denton’s Backyard Farms took a moment to share with the Community Market what sustainable agriculture means to him and his fellow urban gardeners. Logan along with the owners Matt and Andrea first began the venture in January of 2012. One year later the group is now bringing fresh sustainable agriculture to the local market for you to chew on. They began their business with the idea to give back and enrich their lives and the life of the community.

How do they see sustainable agriculture playing out locally? The key is reduc waste both in packaging and into the land we depend on so much to keep us all alive. Logan says the idea (local sustainability) is, “characterized by buying/growing locally, reducing waste (replace your lawn with a garden, use compost instead of chemical fertilizers, recycling materials, etc...) and reducing energy costs relative to yield. Reducing energy costs is key to sustainable agriculture which means minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels across the board. We define sustainable agriculture as working  with nature in a way that is mutually beneficial, not parasitic."

The people that grow and sell produce for Denton Backyard Farms are passionate about their mission, and Logan says they are fueled by this concept- “Food,Independence, Minimalism, Liberty,Naturalism, Diversity. Sustainability. Simplicity. Happiness." When you really think about it those ideas are the same ideas that have made our nation great.

Logan elaborated more on the benefits to the immediate community by saying, “Sustainable, urban farming provides far reaching benefits to the community. By growing our produce in urban lots we can provide fresh, healthy food to the community grown a little over a mile from the Denton Community Market, where it is sold to the consumer. By allowing citizens the option to buy locally-grown produce we can minimize the use and need for fossil fuels necessary to power our modern day food system. If Denton practiced urban farming this would mean fresher, cheaper food that is grown by your friends, family, and neighbors; you would know exactly where it came from and could even harvest it yourself. This should lead to a healthier, well-connected community! Denton's Backyard Farms provides an opportunity to invest in your own community rather than exporting wealth and importing food.

If you live in the city limits of Denton why not take a stroll to the market and pick up some fresh micro-greens from the producers at the Denton Backyard. Not only would you be saving yourself (health benefits) but you’d also be saving the environment a little bit at a time by not contributing to the use of fossil fuels in your own transport to the market and in  the production of the food.