The Denton Arts Walk of Fame is one of the newest features on the recently renovated East Hickory Street.

Running along both sides of E. Hickory Street from Locust to Bell, the walk will honor artists with ties to Denton. Each year, artists will be selected from fields of music, literature, architecture and visual and performing arts. The honoree’s name, their claim to fame, and “Denton Arts Walk of Fame” will be engraved on granite stones which are placed in the brick band by the sidewalks.

“As the number of honorees increases, the Arts Walk of Fame will become a tourist attraction, as well as a source of local pride in our rich array of talented people who have strong Denton connections. The Denton Arts Walk of Fame also memorializes those talented individuals who have contributed to the Denton arts community and expresses our appreciation to them. Several events, throughout the year, will revolve around the inductees and/or their families being honored,” said Kim Phillips, Vice President of the Denton Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

The 2015 inaugural year inductees are:

bravecombopic2-1Pat Boone    (Musician)

Brave Combo  (Musicians)

Tom “Pops” Carter (Musician)

O’Neil Ford  (Architect)

Kerry Gammill   (Media Artist)

Ray Wylie Hubbard  (Musician)

Norah Jones  (Musician)

Midlake by Brantley Gutierrez Midlake by Brantley Gutierrez

Midlake  (Musician)

Jesus Moroles  (Sculptor)

Karla K. Morton  (Poet)

Bob Rogers  (Musician)

Louise Tobin  (Musician)

Linda Ford, daughter of O’Neal Ford said, “We are honored to have our father recognized in Denton, where so much of his work still stands.”

“What an honor to be included in the inaugural year of the Walk of Fame,” Norah Jones said.

In 1995, the City of Denton, Chamber of Commerce, The Denton Record-Chronicle, Texas Womans’ University, University of North Texas and about 400 citizens came together to create “A Vision for Denton -- The 21st Century.” One committee focused on downtown and its future needs. The group identified an Arts and Entertainment Corridor along E. Hickory Street as a priority action, specifically listing an arts district, east-end capital improvements, and music as part of the development.  Reference to this arts district and arts corridor are found in both the Downtown Master Plan and the Downtown Implementation Plan.


Denton Arts Walk of Fame Committee members considered the following criteria for the honorees:

  1. Artist was born in Denton, or
  2. Attended school here, or
  3. Spent their formative or creative years here.
  4. Their accomplishments have had a national impact on our cultural heritage.
  5. Other considerations:
  • Longevity of career
  • Professional achievements
  • Contributions to the Denton arts community
  • Contribution to national arts

The committee has compiled a list with over 100 possible nominees for future years.  They anticipate including four to eight artists a year, beginning in 2016.

Information about each of the 2015 recipients will be available in the coming weeks.