, Artist Gathering

Depending on who you ask, music can be a terrifying field for someone to cast their lot.  At the moment, the entire "Music Industry" could be considered dead or at least seriously injured.  The reason?  The internet has put unlimited power of influence into the hands of individuals that until recently never existed.

Now a musician doesn't have to wait and hope to be picked by a record company, they can (as Seth Godin says) "pick themselves." If the idea of limitless opportunity excites you, then this is the greatest time in history to be an artist, not the scariest!

However, we all feel fear and a completely untamed land can feel very unpredictable. But I truly believe that if someone is given the right tools and knowledge, then anything is possible!

So, every now and then, when we  at feel like we have enough information to share, we have what we call an Artist Gathering. We try and put ALL of our Artists in one room and tell them what is new with, what is coming up, and get their feedback on what they would like to see happen.

At our last Artist Gathering I showed this video.

My hope was to show musicians that if they want their music to "spread" (and become popular) they need to put it in front of as many people as possible. Which means giving the music away (at least for a little while) and then charging for other things (like shows, merch, and novelty items )to the people who become "fans."

At the end of the presentation one of the bands went out to their car to retrieve a box full of brand new CDs and gave a copy to every person in the room. I didn't know it at the time, but prior to the meeting that band had decided that they would never give this CD away for free.  It wasn't until after my presentation that they decided to change their entire business model.

The realization hit me a couple of days later while I was sitting at home: "these guys based their entire career upon what I said." For a minute I couldn't breath. I knew the information was solid, but honestly I never thought that something would do could have such influence.

We decided to implement two changes: we needed to go deeper into the "business of music," and we need to pack as much useful and relevant information into an artist gathering as possible.  So our upcoming  Artist Gathering on October 2 is more like a seminar. The theme, "Creating a Sustainable Economy for Local Denton Musicians," is an idea that musicians can live here, play here, and make their money playing music right here in Denton.  Not that they won't tour, but they won't "have to."  We will still cover what's new with (and there is some REALLY exciting stuff coming up), but that will only take up a small portion of our gathering. The rest of the night will focus on growing musician's careers!

We decided that this event should be open to the public. If you have any interest in this stuff at all, maybe just a love for music in general, then we want you at this event! And just in case you are wondering, it is completely FREE for EVERYONE, not just musicians.

Artist Gathering Schedule:

7:30-8:00 – Jake Laughlin (Founder of “Music & Business” and what has been doing and where we plan to go

8:00-8:10 – Pat York (Marketing Director for “Music & Marketing”

8:10-8:20 – Kevin Roden (City Councilman): “What the City is doing for Local Music”

8:20-8:30 – Break

8:40-9:30 – Panel of Musicians: “What every artist needs to know” and they will answer questions from the audience.

Panel: Grammy Award Winner Jeffrey Barnes of “Brave Combo,” Bone Doggie of “Bone Doggie and the Hickory Street Hellraisers,” Ashley Gatta of “Ashley Gatta & the Free People,” Marisa Sherwood of “Backwater Opera,” Ryan Hall of “Woody’s Rampage,” Zach Scoggins of “11:40,” Richard Gilbert, and Matt Grigsby!"

I hope to see you at the Campus Theatre (214 West Hickory Street, Denton 76201) on October 2nd from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. And if you need any more details this video goes a little more in detail about the lineup.