If you’re scouting for a film amongst the Denton Black Film Festival that makes you reflect, I would highly recommend watching “Life is Too Short.” This drama feature, directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Antoine Allen and co-written with Marquis C. Mosley, sheds light on the lives of five New Yorkers who are blind to the fact that the end is closer than they think.

Life Is Too Short FB stillSomething that I appreciated while watching this film was that is featured realistic, raw problems that people face. One of the themes that I noticed was that there are issues that may lie beneath the surface of families and people who may appear “perfect”. The film also touched on the importance of talking about these issues more in society, so that people do not feel abnormal when they meet these very normal problems.

A lot of the situations will catch you off-guard, but it will keep you invested in these people. This made me wonder how everything was going to fit together in the end, which kept me on my toes. Information was given in spoonfuls but they were perfectly and creatively timed meals.

This is a film that anyone could relate to. It touches base on a collection of dilemmas, including family struggles, work and life stresses, personal healing, achieving dreams, relationship debacles, and sexuality and identity realizations. This melting pot of affairs makes it easy to associate and savor this film.

The storyline takes a major turn at the climax of each person’s story, which allows the true meaning behind the film to emerge at the end.  This leaves the viewer in a state of reflection. Overall, I would definitely add this to your film binge watch list at the Denton Black Film Festival.

See the trailer here:

Life is Too Short contains adult situations and may not be suitable for a younger audience.

Life Is Too Short runs 72 minutes and will be shown Saturday, January 28 at 12 p.m. during Film Block 8 with the shorts remnants, Padlock Men and I Felon Love as part of Denton Black Film Festival. To purchase tickets at the online box office, click here.