The Denton Black Film Festival has been a tremendous display of artistic talent, and was a wonderful example of a community coming together to create a masterpiece. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending one of my favorite acts so far! The Comedy Laugh On managed not only to keep me laughing, but also allowed me to think about important issues as well.

The great thing about comedy is that it can introduce elements of extreme importance under the guise of entertainment. Social and political issues become easier to discuss, and even after the laughs hush, the ideas linger. In 2018, discussion is perhaps the most important thing we can do.

Comedian Q opened the first-ever comedy show Saturday night at the Black Box Theatre during the Denton Black Film Festival.

Comedian Q opened the show. His act focused heavily on generational differences. I thought this was exciting to hear, because there was a mixture of all ages in the room. Q talked about how different the hip-hop industry has become, and to illustrate this he danced to Rich Gang's song, "Lifestyle." It was hilarious to see him trying to decipher the confusing lyrics. As I looked around the room so many, people were wondering the same thing.

Q also discussed the importance of men being in the lives of their children. This sentiment really stuck with me, because it is a stereotype largely attributed to the black community. To hear a comedian address this openly was refreshing and informative. That is the wonderful thing about comedy: the effortless confrontation of serious topics. I really liked Q's performance, and it inspired me to seek out more of his comedy shows.

Piper the Comedian was the headliner during the Denton Black Film Festival's first-ever comedy show Saturday night at the Black Box Theatre.

The closing act was Piper the Comedian. Piper's act was filled with religious, racial, and political humor. He started his act like a sermon, he asked the crowd to say "WON'T HE DO IT." This was my favorite part, because all night the audience was yelling "won't he do it." It reminded me of being a young child in church, watching all of the adults praise and worship. It was always a feeling of infectious happiness, something that I saw on many faces during his set.

Since it was the Denton Black Film Festival, race was an inevitable discussion. Piper addressed the differences of the black and white community in a causal manner. My favorite was when he praised non-persons of color in the audience for supporting the festival. It made me happy to realize that although we may have differences, the willingness of support was beautiful.

Overall, I really enjoyed the comedy night, It was the perfect way to end a day of film viewing. I cannot wait to see how the festival will incorporate humor next year. After all, humor is what makes these discussions easier.