By Krystal Jimenez

When you hear the phrase “racial tension,” China is not the first thing that comes to mind. The narrative short drama, King of Guangzhou, directed and written by Quester Hannah, portrays a Nigerian man named Adede who lives in China with his wife under serious racial strains.

King of GuangzhouWhen faced with deportation, Adede and his wife worry how they are going to survive with a child on the way. They are confronted with obstacles they do not yet know how to overcome. This film can relate to many situations, whether you can identify with searching for a visa, or understand this young couple’s dynamic hardship. It can be a real eye opener for many.

I really appreciated the sense of urgency to get a visa that was shown through this film. It truly depicts the stress of scrambling for a chance to avoid deportation, to receive a ticket to a new life. Deporting illegal immigrants is a hot topic of debate today in the United States. However, you don’t think about people fighting to stay in other countries, and this film exhibits the same struggle in the viewpoint of another race while in a completely opposite location. I love that it reminds us that there are issues like this outside of home.

Many interesting themes are presented through this film such as love, betrayal, and the sacrifice parents take for a better future for their family. This film did justice to harness the urban feel of Guangzhou’s impoverished areas. The plot unfolds at a favorable rate that possessed my attention the whole way through. I was genuinely impressed with the compelling acting as well as the eye-opening story line.

King of Guangzhou will be showing at the Denton Campus Theater during the Denton Black Film Festival. You do not want to miss this gem.

King of Guangzhou runs 18 minutes and will be shown on Friday as part of Film Block 1 (Student Films) at 1:30 p.m. To see the full Denton Black Film Festival schedule and to purchase tickets, click here.