In this amusing and familiar tale between three best friends, Forgiving Chris Brown, brings together pop culture and vengeance all while making the audience laugh in its Texas premier.

forgiving Chris Brown stillThe dark comedy focuses on an entertainingly relatable story of girl power and revenge. Friends nicknamed, “Rihanna,” “Hallie” and “Tina” seek to get payback on “Chris Brown,” Rihanna’s unforgiving ex-boyfriend. The three chic and trendy women take their unsuspecting victim out to the desert where he’s tied up to a chair, left in just his underwear and spray painted. The friends literally give him a taste of his own medicine with what they like to call, “Witches Brew”: a mixture of revolting ingredients sure to leave a sour taste in Chris’s mouth. As tenacious friends Hallie and Tina work to perfect their vile potion Rihanna is left alone with her Chris.

Throughout the revenge plot flashbacks of the couple come and go, showing the loving times shared between the two. As Rihanna waits with Chris she struggles with how exactly to handle her stripped-down, tied-up ex as an apology from him and emotions from her come flooding back. With strong and empowering friends encouraging her along the way Rihanna gets the retribution she deserves, forcing Chris to sip on their liquid revenge. The women proudly speed away leaving the ex-boyfriend in the desert to get home on his own.

The film consistently shows its three lead characters as strong and capable women making for an excellent testament to the strength that comes when women lift each other up. Director and writer Marquette Jones’ love of celebrity culture is evident in between the clever one-liners and the hilarious anecdotes of Rihanna, Hallie and Tina. Forgiving Chris Brown keeps friendship at the forefront and is a welcomed addition to this year’s Denton Black Film Festival.

See the trailer here:

Forgiving Chris Brown runs 12 minutes and will be shown Saturday, January 28 at 9:30 p.m. during Film Block 11 with the other shorts The Closet, Color Blues, Forgotten Sunset, Underneath the Grey and Behind Closed Doors as part of Denton Black Film Festival. To purchase tickets at the online box office, click here.