By Krystal Jimenez

Denton’s Black Film Festival is amongst us and the town is buzzing with excitement, eager to binge on the culture-rich shows. I had the delight of watching “Black Girl in Paris” which is based on the book by local artist and Dentonite, Shay Youngblood. This short drama follows a young woman’s struggle during her time in Paris. I did not know what to expect from the film, but was instantly hooked from the first scene. The picture gives off a soft, alluring vibe, but keeps us questioning the decisions a young woman named Eden has to face to the very end.

The film "Black Girl in Paris" is based off a book by Denton author Shay Youngblood. The film "Black Girl in Paris" is based off a book by Denton author Shay Youngblood.

Every scene is captured beautifully, and never fails to evoke strong emotions. An unlikely friendship spirals into a series of shocking events after meeting a woman named Luce. It’s definitely a short drama that forced me to question if this friendship is toxic, or if Eden discovers her sexuality through her intimacy with Luce. Together, they face harsh situations that they encounter to get by in Paris.

Director Kiandra Parks gorgeously portrays the film with such delicacy and control that almost juxtaposes the not so glamorous realities of the two women’s actions. I was without a doubt, blown away by the direction of this film mostly because you unapologetically experience an array of emotions alongside the characters.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole film, because I couldn’t get enough of its artistic appeal. In my opinion, if you have that feeling by the end of watching a film, the writer, director and actors did a great job executing. I have a good feeling the other films featured in the Denton Black Film Festival will not fail to continuously make us feel that way. You can catch “Black Girl in Paris” at the Denton Campus Theater this Saturday at 8:45 p.m. You might spot me there indulging in it a second time!

Black Girl in Paris runs 20 minutes and will be shown on Saturday as part of Film Block 6 at 8:45 p.m. To see the full Denton Black Film Festival schedule and to purchase tickets, click here.