Spring festivals in Denton don’t wear us out, they just ignite our festive spirits.  Our sights are quickly set on the next fiesta and right now, that would be Cinco de Mayo.  Images of margaritas, guacamole, and mariachi immediately flood our party planning minds.  But before we head out to the fiesta, let’s do a bit of housekeeping and debunk a few Cinco de Mayo myths.  Afterward, I promise you’ll be rewarded with some great fiesta ideas that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Top Three Cinco de Mayo Facts to Impress Your Amigos:

1. It’s a minor holiday in Mexico celebrating the defeat of about 6,000 French troops by an outnumbered and poorly supplied Mexican troop of only 2,000 loyal men. Better known in Mexico as the Battle of Puebla, it’s a symbolic victory but it’s not Mexico’s Independence Day, which is September 16.

2. The victory at the Battle of Puebla closed off access to Napoleon III reaching the U.S., where he planned to offer support to the confederacy during the Civil War. Mexicans on this side of the border celebrated the victory with an ardor which may be a reason why the celebration has become so popular.

3. President Franklin Roosevelt may be the other reason why Cinco de Mayo is such a mainstream celebration. In 1933, he enacted the “Good Neighbor Policy” to improve relations with Latin American countries.  The US became enamored with Mexican heritage and the celebration picked up more steam.

Denton celebrates Cinco the Mayo each year at Quakertown Park. This year’s celebration is May 6 from 10 am – 10 pm.  The festival includes a music lineup full of authentic Mexican music that will keep you dancing all day, as well as delicious authentic Mexican food and crafts.

All that aside, the patio weather has us craving margaritas and Cinco de the Mayo is a perfect excuse to indulge.  So here is a list of where to quench that thirst for a tasty margarita in Denton.  I’ve included a few additional options for those who opt for a more traditional Mexican drink.  But whether you choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or not, the point amigos is that we can enjoy these beverages all year round!

Villa Grande

Located at Rayzor Ranch, Villa Grande offers a large list of margaritas.  Try the Premium Margarita on the rocks with Don Julio Añejo, or any top shelf tequila of your choice. Another favorite is the Margarita Swirl which a frozen margarita with sangria made daily at Villa Grande.  Cinco de Mayo activities include Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana singing traditional favorites.





Milpa Kitchen & Cantina 

Boasting a margarita list of 100 made-from-scratch recipes, Milpa’s Drink Wizard, Edgar, turns the list every six months. Fresh ingredients mean they can go through 15 boxes of limes per week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the 100 options of margaritas, start with an infused margarita flight.  The flight pictured includes the Fuzzy Peach, Watermelon, Cucumber, and Hibiscus margaritas. On the rocks tends to be a favorite option but their frozen is made from scratch as well! That’s right, Edgar takes time to create a perfect frozen mix avoiding the sugary, overpowering sweet and sour premade mixes. For Cinco de Mayo, Milpa will open up their renovated dining area with mariachi music and elotes while we wait for our table.

Mulberry Street Cantina

Nothing spells margarita more appropriately than cantina.  Among the large and impressive selection of tequila options, including liquor on tap, Mulberry’s margarita options are made fresh and with 100% agave tequila.  From the list of Tequila Infusions, try the Spicy Pineapple.  For a more traditional Mexican cocktail, request the delicious Paloma.  I promised Jeff Doyle, owner, and general manager, that I wouldn’t divulge the entire recipe but you won’t be able to miss the subtle taste of honey mixed in with the grapefruit juice. And as any respectable cantina should, Mulberry offers a great selection of Mexican bottled beers and an opportunity to try some mezcal. Mulberry Street Cantina’s Cinco de Mayo celebration includes the Milpa food truck starting at noon, Pan Ector on site for live printing and many cantina specials.

Agua Dulce

Word on the streets of Denton is that there’s a special drink at Agua Dulce that local Dentonite Glen Farris really enjoys.  If you make your way to Agua Dulce, be sure to request the Mexican Black Bird.

Served martini style it includes Patron Silver, blackberry liqueur, and fresh lime juice.  Cinco at Agua Dulce includes $1 off flights for the day and the launch of three new margaritas.



A few other spots to try a Paloma are Paschall Bar and 940’s Kitchen & Cocktails and Hickory Street Lounge makes a delicious fresh watermelon margarita.  Let us know where you like to indulge in your favorite Mexican cocktail.