Chain Gang

Wow, I don't know how to describe this documentary with anything but "wow." The theme of the Thin Line festival is the balance between education and entertainment, balancing on the "thin line" between the two. Chain Gang did exactly that. Not only did I feel informed, I was NEVER bored.

This doc is extremely well done! I cannot recommend it enough. I will say that the content is not exactly rated G, so you might want to get a baby sitter when you see it. But other than that, I think this doc is a must see.

The documentary goes into an Arizona prison, more specifically a prison that has instituted a Chain Gang program. And I mean the old school, chained together and singing kind of Chain Gang. This thing is no joke. The film, in my opinion, is very balanced. It never takes a position on Chain Gangs, the film just simply goes in depth on what a typical Chain Gang day is like, and allowed the viewer to make their own decisions.

No matter what your political views, I cannot recommend this film more. I can say with full confidence that you will not be disappointed.