Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid is a fun, 15 minute Thin Line short film highlighting nothing of social, ecological, philosophical, or political importance. Rather, it covers a delightfully silly afternoon of a cardboard boat race, or more accurately, a cardboard boat survivability race.

Cardboard Titanics from www.dtbdfilmsRules of the race are simple. Only plain cardboard (no waterproofed cardboard) and duct tape can be used to construct "boats". The object is to get these things around a buoy in a lake AND back to shore.

It's more of a quest for honor than the win.

The film begins and ends with Monty Pythonish narration, which sets the tone for the whimsical event the viewer is about to witness. Now this is not the first of this annual event, but that is not readily apparent in the action of the film. I don't want to give away the dramatic ending, but the finale does include several boats being drug ashore like wet down comforters.....along with a hands-down winner.

The film is a staccato blather of race participants explaining/excusing their techniques, rationalizations and plans. Most of this is for naught, because very little goes as planned. The non-stop repartee, accompanied by occasional epic background music, make this short documentary fun to a train wreck voyeur kind of a way.

I say......see it!!

(Directed by Sam Frazier Jr.)