Brian's Dots

Thin Line Fest documentary Brian’s Dots gives us a personal and behind-the-scenes look at the life of artist Brian Delozier. After a tragic ski accident at age 16, Brian’s future looked dim. He manages to overcome his circumstances when he decides to move to Hawaii on his road to healing.

His new and beautiful island home brings out the inner artist in him, and he begins to create pointillism artwork with colorful Sharpies. Watch as Brian painstakingly creates his artwork one tiny dot at a time to create unique works of art depicting flowers, waves, sunsets and more.

With rich and vibrant colors, Brian’s artwork is absolutely stunning, and it is amazing to watch him at work in the documentary. Brian’s Dots is an inspirational film that makes you feel a sense of appreciation. Seeing Brian talk about his healing, his life and his artwork all with a smile on his face while he crutches around the Hawaiian landscape just leaves you happy.

Brian says, “I am thankful for the mistake I made years ago, because over the time I’m able to learn more than I would have without it.”

Catch the Texas premier of Brian’s Dots in Shorts Program #2 playing Friday, February 20 at 5 p.m. at Campus Theatre. Shorts Program #2 will also feature: Elgin Park, To Be a Poet, the Bottom Rung and The Curse and the Symphony.