I have a friend who laughs at everything.  She throws her head back. She laughs until tears come out of her eyes.  She laughs until she can’t stand anymore, wipes her eyes, blows her nose, and then laughs at herself for laughing.  She is a comedian’s dream audience.

If you’re looking for belly laughs at Thin Line, “Bottom Rung” isn't it, but it does have its moments during some of the routines.  Bottom Rung follows 19 Denton comedians on their quest to becoming the next big thing.

This is such a buried art form in Denton, one performer quips that he had to “come out as a comedian” to his parents.  This film mirrors other art forms, in the struggle to make it on stage, while still paying the bills.  Pizza delivery, dish washing, nude modeling--whatever it takes to feed the need to make people laugh, they’re willing to do it.  “It’s like 1,000 Christmases at once to get to do this show,” is a quote and the feeling throughout this short film.

There are some very funny moments in this film and there are some painful ones.  Just like their lives on stage, this film will make you laugh and maybe cry.

Bottom Rung is part of Short Compilation #2 and plays at 5 pm on Friday, February 20th, at the Campus Theatre. Come early for a short stand-up routine by local comics Martin Urbano and Alex Smelser!

the bottom rung image from doc 2