happy_w640Attitude is the backbone of great customer service.   Your attitude can make or break a first impression.   Your attitude can help you enjoy and find interest in your job.  Your attitude can create a willingness to “go the extra mile.”   The interesting thing about attitude: it is controlled 100% by YOU.  Keep a positive attitude and positive things will come your way.  (Texas Hospitality Training)

The old adage that “happiness is a decision; not the result of circumstances” has so much truth to it.  I mean think about it…some of the happiest people I’ve ever met are those whose lives, when compared to my relatively easy one, aren’t made up of the ingredients that produce my definition of happy life.  Some of them have horrible diseases like diabetes and cancer.  Others are down on their luck financially and out of work.  Still others are facing difficult personal drama like divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a life-long-loved pet.  These are super huge bad things.  And yet, some of the folks I see walking through these deep valleys are still happy, truly happy.

If you want to see this for yourself, check out the documentary called “Happy.”  The film looks at people in some of the most remote and needy parts of the globe in an attempt to understand how happiness can thrive in such dire circumstances.  But it does!  That’s because that old adage is 100% true.  Real happiness happens when we decide to be happy in spite of our circumstance.

So how does this relate to customer service?  Well, attitude works just like happiness.  You have 100% control over your own attitude.  And you can set your attitude to positive, happy, giving to others regardless of how you feel.  It’s a decision to think beyond your own “stuff” and try to touch someone else, make someone else’s day better just be being around you.

And if you didn’t feel happy before such an encounter but were just going through the motions of setting your attitude control to positive…you’ll find happy sneaking up on you in spite of everything you thought was wrong before.

Try it.  It works.