The Denton Black Film Festival presents 50 Shades of Black - a video series campaign. The concept is simple. 50 videos. 50 people. 1 goal : Tell the stories of everyday black people. In a media landscape where the stories of people of color aren’t told often or accurately, the series sets out to tell the stories of black people within the Dallas-Fort Worth community - in their own words.

The shortlist of interviewees spans a broad range of individuals - from musicians, educators, a barber and even a martial arts legend. Each video provides an intimate look into individual life experiences, aspirations and challenges.

The series is directed by Denton filmmaker and media entrepreneur, Daniel Amotsuka. In talking about why the video series is important, Daniel says “As a minority group in the US, there is a tendency to view blackness in reductive terms; to lean on stereotypes rather than experiencing people as individuals. This series is challenging that notion by telling the stories of individuals. The goal is to break that mold of a single story and broaden the spectrum of the black experience.This series is as important for all communities, white and of color. We all need to be reminded of our unique individuality and this series does just that”

The Denton Black Film Festival organizers believe that the video series communicates the essence of their festival to a non-black audience as well, which is to celebrate black experiences and culture through film and the arts. The videos will be released daily leading up to the festival, via the Denton Black Film Festival Facebook page, starting Thursday, December 10th, 2016.