August brings the excitement of heading back to school, festivals, fairs, and lots of local music!  It's usually a good time for everyone (unless you're in high school and don’t want school to start)!  August is going to be a particularly good time for as well!

We usually have somewhere between 11 to 15 live music gigs a month.  However, this month we are going to have 21!  Not to mention, we will be present at the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo, and doing some LIVE Broadcasts around town (which is something NEW to that we are kind of excited about!).  So, all together we will be making 31 public appearances in the month of August!

Now, (just in case you didn’t know) there are 31 days in the month of August.  So, we are creating a promotion called “31 in 31!”  Our hope is for as many people to engage with us throughout the month as possible!  Keep us with us through our monthly gig calendar or our email reminder subscription.  We will also be posting about all of our events onFacebook and Twitter, as well as loading video every single day (which will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, andYouTube)!

We are incredibly excited about the upcoming 31 days!  And we would like you to be excited with us!  Come join us!  Let’s spread the message of LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL all over this place!!!